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Why Choose LEEN

LEEN Proposition Value

Overcome symmetric information. Online service/pay Save your costs and Time. Build your network Certified company Certified Database consultants. Quality Assurance

Principles Value

Professionalism, Impartial, Inclusiveness, Impact, Respect, Transparency & Integrity Accountability , Consistency, Culture respect and diversity

Ethical Values

Disciplinary Actions, Authorizations and Acknowledgement, social responsibility, Citizenship, Privacy of Customer information and data protection.

Latest achievement

Environmental & Social Impact Assessment for Renewable Energy Project

LEEN conducted Environment and social impact assessment, With Sudan Electricity Holding Company (

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Sudan participates in Paris International Agriculture Show 2020

For the second annual year, Sudanese agriculture companies and exporters will be joining LEEN Con

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Financial and Adminstration Management for Bilateral projects and public sector

LEEN conducted financial and administrative training for two groups from April 21 – 25, 2019 and

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Start and Improve Your Business

Enhancing Sudanese Returnees lives through training

LEEN consultancy is c

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River Nile Transportation – Kosti Port

The River Nile traversing Sudan from the south to the north provides an important inland transpor

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Seif Eldain Success Story

Seif Eldain Abdulrahim Osman traveled to Egypt in 2014 and then to Libya. He was planning for his

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Our Experts Team

Mona Hassan Mirghani

Financial Economist

AbdelHakam Omer

Business development & M&E expert

Saif El Din Daoud

Global value chain analysis

Dr. Buthaina Elnaiem

Social Economist

Dr. Abdelrahman Elkhider

Agro & climate change

Dr.Alberto Asquer

Economic and Public Policy Expert

Moayad Moawiah

Web Developer

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