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SIYB Enhancing Sudanese and Refugees lives through training

Enhancing Sudanese and Refugees lives through training

LEEN is currently implementing Start and Improve Your Business Training and Financial Education for PROSPECTS Beneficiaries for Refugees residing in Sudan and host community, through the immense support of the International Labour Organization and the Ministry of forging affairs of the Netherland. The program includes launching training covering 1990 trainees in Nimir and Assalaya East Darfur and Kharasana and Elmieram West Kordofan.

During the first phase, 230 trainees were trained on income-generating activities in Elmieram West Kordofan State.

Thanks to this training, the hosting community and refuges who are trained, retain their self-confidence and can now take the lead in their lives, bringing them steps closer to making their business dreams become a reality.