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success story for ICSPS program

After seeing the amazing impact of the community forest management in Ethiopia as part of the cap

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Start and Improve Your Business

Enhancing Sudanese Returnees lives through training

LEEN is currently imp

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Seif Eldain Success Story

Seif Eldain Abdulrahim Osman traveled to Egypt in 2014 and then to Libya. He was planning for his

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River Nile Transportation – Kosti Port

The River Nile traversing Sudan from the south to the north provides an important inland transpor

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Success story from AlMagarba

Mariya Alsedeg Mustafa is one of the beneficiaries of the Integrated Carbon Sequestr

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The Diaspora Project

“Freedom, Peace and Justice”

The chants of the 2019 Sudanese Revolution set the goals of

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Our story

Inspired by the Bloomberg empire, LEEN was founded back in 2017 to provide economic and investmen

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