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Training & Learning

LEEN Company provides training and technical support to profit and nonprofit firms and Government institutions Our expert support ensures that those responding to our costumers’ service request - whether or not they are professional financial workers - have the skills to do so safely and effectively. We believe the real impact of training and personal development requires complete learning programmes. When we work with our clients to provide consultancy services, we base it on our extensive and long-term experience of our experts whom are over 30 in our pool to providing this type of service.

LEEN as financial and Investment Consultancy Company, we have a unique perspective on the needs of the both sectors private and public, enabling us to deliver learning solutions that reflect the challenges faced by professionals in the field. Our distinctive learning experiences are characterized by their participatory, interactive and engaging style We can provide our existing courses in-house, tailor any of our modules to your context, or devise an entirely new solution to suit your needs.

Knowledge Management, Data collections and M&E

This traing has three phases as follow;

Phase 1

This course provides in-depth knowl

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Start Your Business

The aims of this course to build the resilience for economically vulnerable, which is enable econ

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Risk & Financial Management

The objective for this training to address the firm objective and firm problems to introduce suit

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Basic Financial Management for Non-profit institutions

This traing enables you to make your donor happay, how to biuld sustainable financing strategy, t

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Anti Budget Corruption and Financial Management for Public Sector

Budgeting and financial management are at the core of public and sector economic reform programs

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Result Based Management

This training workshop seeks to build the capacity of public, private sectors and nonprofit proje

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