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Start and Improve Your Business

Enhancing Sudanese Returnees lives through training

LEEN is currently implementing economic integration programs for Sudanese returnees residing in Sudan through the immense support of the International Organization for Migration administration and the European Union funding. The program includes launching training covering 700 returnees countrywide, under the ‘start and improve your business’ program.


During the first phase, 200 returnees were trained on income-generating activities in Khartoum State. LEEN consultancy played a vital role in assisting with the business plan initiation and technical support for returnees. As well as conducting follow up and monitoring on the status of business implementation of returnees individually every quarter.


In the second phase, 200 returnees are now undergoing the training in El-Fasher and Saraf Umra, North Darfur State. Plans are in place for an upcoming training to be conducted in Khartoum, Kordofan and South Darfur on these beneficial economic integration programs Thanks to this training, Sudanese returnees are retaining their self-confidence and can now take the lead in their lives, bringing them steps closer to making their business dreams become a reality.