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Public Finance Management Training of Trainers


Improvements in governance and associated reforms are among the most important factors for inclusive and sustainable growth in Sudan. Poverty and social exclusion are inextricably linked to weak governance, as there is exclusiveness for some geographic areas such as Kordofan, Blue Nile and Darfur from having their fair share of national resources. Now after the signing of Juba peace agreement in October 2020, which stated clear distribution of resources for these areas that have been affected by the conflict for a long time. Therefore, the economic policy should address and link to SDGs, focusing on strengthening the responsiveness and accountability of the state through good governance.

LEEN in partnership with GIZ is looking ahead to support the transition government towards democratic change through developing and improving the capacity of government, national and public institutions which includes government staff, media groups and civil societies. This initiative will assist in introducing the values and principles for transparency, accountability and participation in budget development and execution. LEEN is referring to the chant of the Sudanese revolution “freedom, peace and justice” as a guiding principle to achieve the goals of revolutionary youth, to overcome the problems that were caused by 30 years of corrupt government. LEEN and GIZ will leverage existing resources to promote knowledge transfer in public financial management to support the reforms. LEEN initiative will bring synergy between the best practices of the international, regional and country-level initiatives on budget analysis and management, Anti corruptions measures, international financial reporting standard, transparency and gender-responsive budgeting and sharing knowledge on budget types and socio-economic programs monitoring.

The objectives

The overall objective of this initiative is to "Contribute to the improvement of public finance sector in terms of planning, budgeting, execution, reporting, in order to increase efficiency, transparency and accountability and improve the delivery of public services as set out in the constitutional document of transition government “. Specifically:

  • The ToT training will target selected LEEN pool of trainers to build their capacity in delivering the training materials to government official, civil society and media in areas of public finance management for finance people and reporting and monitoring for non-finance people.
  • To equip the trainers with appropriate training tools and methods to deliver effective training sessions across pubic finance/public budget stakeholders.


The purpose of this consultancy is to facilitate a one training of ToT for 4 days for LEEN in Khartoum. This training is part of GIZ funded project aim at enhancing the capacity of public budget actors.

Scope of Work

The Consultant will deliver a ToT training in Khartoum targeting selected LEEN pool of trainers that will deliver two (2) training emphasizing on Values and Principles of Public Financial Management and participation principles. First training is designed to target government officials while the second training will target to train civil society and media. The work will be divided into the following activities:

Phase 1

  • Agreement of the work
  • Agree on terms of reference
  • Return signed contract
  • Discuss necessary travel requirements if any

Phase 2

  • Preparation for delivery
  • Review the composition of the participant group and the expectations and learning objectives of the participants.
  • Agree on course programmes
  • Ensure familiarisation with materials for training sessions that you will be delivering and seek clarification on any queries in advance of the training.
  • Review and prepare the content for sessions which you will deliver, including:
  • Correcting factual errors such as statistics or references now out of date
  • Correcting mistakes such as typos, duplications or mismatched timings
  • Adjusting formatting of PowerPoint slides
  • Ensure training materials for sessions that you are responsible for are finalized and sent to LEEN 5 days before the event

Phase 3

  • Facilitate the training and deliver specific sessions as agreed, and ensure that LEEN as an organization is introduced to the group.
  • Liaise with LEEN Team, including in the event that changes to the timetable are necessary to ensure timekeeping, share changes with all involved and keep a record of these changes in the trainer report.
  • Collect participant feedback at the end of each training day during the course.
  • Work with the delivery team, client and/or program Coordinator as appropriate, to identify improvements to be made and ensure these are communicated to participants. 
  • Collect participant feedback at the end of the course (written end-of-course evaluation forms).

Phase 4

  • Submit a final and high-quality report to LEEN within 1 weeks of the end of the training
  • Submit all training materials and guidelines to LEEN after the end of the training.

Deliverables and Payment Schedule

Deliverable # 
Payment Schedule
Contract singing and inception report


Delivery of the four (4) days training and training materials


Comprehensive final report




  • It is expected that the training will be of a high quality in presentation and delivery.


The consultant is expected to meet the following minimum requirements, and provide references for related work undertaken recently as supporting information.

  • A minimum of a Master’s Degree in Economics, Finance, Accounting, Public Finance, Financial Management or Public Policy, with at least 8 years of experience in training of ToT in related areas materials development related to public finance management and public budget.  
  • A certification as a trainer by a recognized international agency/institute   
  • Familiarities with budget processes in developing countries. 
  • Experience in ToT in areas of public finance/public budget is key.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills in English.
  • Excellent computer skills. 
  • Minimum five (5) years of experience in providing training services related to reputable agencies/ institute in public financial management, strategic development or related field, with references for a minimum of two (2) similar project.


The number of billable days in which this work will be completed is 15 days. This work, as outlined in this term of reference, will be completed between 28/01/2022 and 02/02/2022.


Interested individual candidates or firms should send their application (cover letter, CV, and sample report) to the LEEN through e-mail job@leen-sd.org.

Individual candidates or firms should indicate in their cover letter how they fit the criteria outlined in this advert.

  • All applications must be received by 10 January 2022 at 1500hrs East African Standard Time.
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