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LEEN Conducted a five days training which was conducted as part of Norwegian Church Aid’s (NCA) Khartoum Program. It was designed to enhance the capacity of NCA partners and field staff on Climate Smart Economic Empowerment & Food Security Livelihood (CSEE/FSL), with particular focus on climate smart agriculture. The training was conducted by Dr. Yazan Elhadi, Climate change expert and resource economist. The emphasis was to address three interlined essential barriers to sustainable development: youth unemployment, climate change and food insecurity in a world with an increasing population. Furthermore, the training prepared the participants with sufficient knowledge and abilities to be able to conceptualize, plan, design, implement any project/activities as well as build in measure to ensure positive impact and sustainable outcomes in relation to the three key areas.

The training was conducted in Kanon Hotel, Khartoum between 17th and 21st of October 2021. The participants were from the three main states where NCA is implementing CSEE activities i.e. White Nile, North Kordofan and South Kordofan States. The trainees are from various background in terms of knowledge including, project management, forestry, agricultural engineering, plant protection, crop production, and monitoring and evaluation among other major fields. All trainees are NCA Partners from both local NGOs and local government as well as NCA staff. LEEN Consultancy experts in the field of CSEE, FSL and CSA, successfully conducted the training including preparing a training manual and PowerPoint presentations. The strategic objective of the training were to:

  • Provide sectoral assistance to the field staff on CSEE to enhance the right and relevant intervention (i.e. CRWASH, GBV & CSEE)
  • Provide partners with technical know-how and the technical skills needed for quality and efficient CSA implementation in the semi-arid areas.
  • Disseminate the right approach of CSA & CSEE.
  • Provide integrated multi-sectoral approaches to concentrate our services to reach Theory of Change (TOC).
  • Equip the partners & beneficiaries on the global protocols regarding Climate change & Disaster Risk Reduction/management
  • Enhance partners to be creative on entrepreneurship ideas.
  • Explore Value addition to increase income.
  • Discuss Revolving Fund Approach.