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Economic Development and Investment

Your company seeks to make real investment which is worth more to the company than their costs; this is the most basic objective of capital budgeting decision. Hence, to take this decision we need to be able to give a value to evaluate each investment opportunity you are faced, this for both single investment and multi investment projects to compare it with alternative investment opportunities.

LEEN gives a big support To take the right decision over the opportunities you faced, our staff well equipped and experienced to give you the right hand to develop accurate cash flow, projects analysis and identify good opportunity of new project, using modern tools for investment project analysis and feasibility study,

LEEN understand the Sudan economy context which make LEEN unique to identify the investment opportunities and analysis under both certainty and uncertainty of Sudan economy that face your investment projects. LEEN is conducting a wide and comprehensive survey, looking to have an updated data of the opportunities and risks face the investors in Sudan.